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Our Vision

Blueray Global Link (BGL) act on behalf of manufacturers & suppliers as an Agent & Representative offering bulk quantities of Cocoa Products, Agro-products, Chemicals, Scrap metals and many more to make dialy life more convinient and pleasant.

Our Products are the core element of the business with agro products of all kind  being the main product, supplied to distributors, manufacturers and small users across the globe on short notice.

We are proud to have a working relationship with Euromar Commodities GmbH being their sole distributor of  ECP cocoa powders, ECB cocoa butter & ECM cocoa mass (liquor).  Euromar hold certifications being BRC approved, Kosher Halal, HACCP & ISO-9001.

Blueray Global Link  supply a range of ingredients to multi-national and international manufacturers & food companies too It also include: sports nutrition, vending operators, caterers & packers and cosmetic & hygiene